Lewis Heriz is a cross-disciplinary artist based in Ludlow, UK. 

His MA in Animation at the Royal College of Art in 2021 focussed on tactile processes, optical sound/visual music, consciousness and performance.

His graphic work - produced up until his transition to animation - is known for its organic and kinetic character, with hand-drawn typography and a bold aesthetic rooted in his family's screenprinting heritage.

Lewis is fascinated by the associative nature of experience, and the connections between the senses. He has referred to his graphic art approach as 'manufactured synæsthesia', looking for a sensory and empathetic response in the audience through tactile design. The majority of Heriz's work over the past decade has been with independent record labels, creating graphics as a means of aiding the distribution of musical forms otherwise previously under-represented in Europe and North America. His work with Soundway Records and Sofrito Records has been primarily a mix of introductory packages and current productions; aiming to contextualise the musical movements that provide an insight into cultural scenes, and offering subjective snapshots of our perpetually fluid populations in time and place. And putting on loads of parties.

Alongside this regular work in the music industry, Lewis has taken on diverse projects of any type that interests and excites him, usually alongside other individuals or small businesses with a sustainable and collectivist mindset.

Exhibited & Featured:

Selected clients & collaborators:

PSHE Association, San Francisco Jazz Festival, Curzon/Artificial Eye, Bloomsbury, Open City Documentary Festival, Simon & Schuster, Serpent’s Tail, Dartmouth Films, Canongate Books, Soundway Records, Sofrito, Howling Hops, Stones Throw & Now-Again Records, Red Bull Music Academy, Strut Records, Analog Africa, The Heritage Arts Company